Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where socks are just as important as washing hands.

My first day, I was grinning ear to ear. I shouldve known better.

So first thing you will come across when you start working Fast Food (from now own the FF) is the lovely uniform check.

Ill go ahead and tell you what was wrong with my uniform the first day.

First the normal rookie mistakes:

Hairnet worn wrong
Shirt not tucked in
Wrong shoes (had to be no slip)

And then comes, the weird no one gives a fuck about the rules.
No belt
Name tag worn on wrong side of shirt. (should be on the left I put it on the right)
Wrong colored socks.

Yes, that's right. My first day at work and I was written up for wearing white socks instead of black ones.

After my uniform check I was then allowed to work the cashier. Supervised of course. My training went as so:
This is the button for a taco.
This is the button for a taco, if they want it soft.
And this button, is when they want a certain burrito.

But, all these burrito buttons have weird abbreviations. 

Yeah, you'll figure those out.

I am officially ready to be a cashier all on my own.



  1. Can't help but laugh at all these rules in the US, never had anything like that in Denmark ;)

  2. that is a ridiculous day, for white socks huh?

  3. Wow that sucks, some people are just hardasses I guess.

  4. ahaah, sounds like it was difficult!

  5. Nice blog bro, i love your design and the name :D, Tacos <3!!

  6. Not into tatoos, but tacos... damn so delicious :)