Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lunch Rush; Otherwise Known As Asshole Hour. Part 1

First of all, Lunch Rush is something to be very very afraid of when you work fast food. Not only are you bum rushed by 40 people in an hour, your also forced to deal with the top 4 asshole types. Usually the top 4 are seen individually and sporadically throughout the day, but not lunch rush. They all gather for lunch rush.

First theres Business Asshole; Male or BAM

BAM has the idea, that every fiber of my being wants to serve him. And therefore, because my sole happiness comes from handing him a cup for soda, it is perfectly fine to have a phone conversation in front of me while my customers wait.
"Oh sure BAM can pick up those files Jim! What is BAM doing? Oh, just trying to get some food while on break. Honestly I've been in line for an hour the people here are so DUMB and SLOW!"
Its at this point that BAM chuckles and looks at me with that confused dumb look all people get when they insult someone, and realize OH SHIT THEIR STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.
Yes, That face. That "Oh I'm sorry I said that, but I wont apologise for it" face.
Take your Tacos and get out of my face.

Next we have Asshole Number Two; Mom And Kids Asshole or MAKA.

Shes the Working Mom! The Mom thats got it all handled! The Mom who can multitask! Actually, she can't do any of that shit. But God Damnit she will fool everyone in this store into thinking she can.
First thing I hate about these Moms are not exactly the Moms...just the Kids. The kids who scream, the kids who shove their heads, hands, feet into anything and everything they can. The kids who think that Hot Sauce is awesome cause if you jump on it it'll explode. I HATE THESE KIDS. And then I start to hate the mom, who stands in front of my cashier asking little Jimmy if he would like a soft, or crunchy taco. But little Jimmy just wont pay attention to her! Oh Jimmy! Mommy's gonna get on your eye level now! JIMMY WHICH TACO DO YOU WANT!?

Yeah, I feel bad for Mom sure. But as many MAKA's as I've seen....I've never seen one MAKA discipline her kid. So you cant feel too bad for em.

Part 2 Coming Tomorrow

Where socks are just as important as washing hands.

My first day, I was grinning ear to ear. I shouldve known better.

So first thing you will come across when you start working Fast Food (from now own the FF) is the lovely uniform check.

Ill go ahead and tell you what was wrong with my uniform the first day.

First the normal rookie mistakes:

Hairnet worn wrong
Shirt not tucked in
Wrong shoes (had to be no slip)

And then comes, the weird no one gives a fuck about the rules.
No belt
Name tag worn on wrong side of shirt. (should be on the left I put it on the right)
Wrong colored socks.

Yes, that's right. My first day at work and I was written up for wearing white socks instead of black ones.

After my uniform check I was then allowed to work the cashier. Supervised of course. My training went as so:
This is the button for a taco.
This is the button for a taco, if they want it soft.
And this button, is when they want a certain burrito.

But, all these burrito buttons have weird abbreviations. 

Yeah, you'll figure those out.

I am officially ready to be a cashier all on my own.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the Begining....


It was odd answering the phone, late in the afternoon and hearing that sentence yelled into my ear.

"Why are you yelling at me? And get down where?"

My friend Kelly quickly explained that at the fast food restaurant she was working at, they were holding  interviews. She told me to get down as quickly as I could, resume in hand. So I did.
I was interviews by a woman names, Susan. Who I found out later was the owner of our store. Later I had my interview with Maria. The general manager. She asked me about my pant size...I asked her if I had the job, and the answer was Yes.
I was thrilled, my first job. Sure it wasn't glamorous sure it wasn't even good pay. But it was my job, and I was damn happy about it.
It was only 2 weeks later, after training and waiting would I actually see what kind of Hell I had gotten myself into.